Monday, February 23, 2009

The BLOG is Back!

I have been keeping up with this blog in a while. However, after having a conversation with my sister in law and my brother, I think they made a good point about me using the blog more, as an avenue to voice whatever I want to voice, share whatever I want to share, and chronicle the events that happen. I had been emailing family and friends updates, but I realize that can get lost after a while, especially when I email updates every day, LOL. My only reservation about blogging is that I have no idea if I will have an audience or not. Plus I love the instant feedback I get from a few folks, when I email them. That said, I hope people will bookmark this blog, and follow up on it. I plan on putting many updates and thoughts, and use this as my forum to share, and do less emailing. For some, I suppose that is cause for celebration, Vadakan will not be sending a million emails anymore.

Any how, I hope you will visit here often, because I do enjoy sharing.




Joanne said...

You have an audience. Can't wait to see more posts!

Anonymous said...

Good going Tom!! I will say that I am a bit impatient. It took me a minute to figure out where to give feed back-- like comment.There was not a reply here, click here to comment yada yada. So is the inking demo down there your current posting here as in Feb 23? That is awesome you are getting the photoshop thing dialed. The classes I am taking are too advanced because all the kids already know what they are doing and I am struggling with the pen tool and path selections and stuff. It's totally pathetic. I should just sit through the tutorials.

Take care charlie

poketo said...

we're all listening. you definitely do have an audience. keep up the great work!

urbancowfolks said...

Thanks everyone!

poketo said...

cool, will keep an eye out. i want to seem my niece and nephew!