Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Go Green...Sketch Digitally?

We are bombarded with "go green" everywhere we go. Companies are selling us "green" product and there are literally tens of thousands "green" merch. "Green" sells. That all said, the idea behind it all, is something each of us should be more conscious of, if we are to have a sustainable planet. I'm guilty to the core of waste. How much paper do I go through each year?

I'm going to work on "sketching" digitally more. I love pencil and paper, the feel... there will always be a place for that (can't take your computer everywhere you go). But I think I'm going to "practice" doing the initial ideas and sketches for my illustrations digitally. Here is a "pencil" sketch I did 100% digitally. As sketches go (not talking a finished pencil drawing), I think it's hard to tell that the difference. There are great programs to use that are pretty intuitive and it's getting closer and closer to using "traditional" tools. I just need to find a program that I feel can "ink" properly.

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