Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreamers-Ink WIP 4

Two characters inked. More characters to follow, then coloring, etc.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dreamers - Sketch of Character 2

Here is a sketch of the 2nd character for "Dreamers". He will probably be placed somewhere behind the girl.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dreamers-Ink WIP 3

I refined the eyes a bit on this one. Will move on to the other characters next.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dreamers-Ink WIP 2

In between working on a t-shirt design for Weezer and doing an album cover for a Blue Note re-issue, I squeezed in 15 mins to ink this personal project. Even a few mins working on ones on thing feels great, especially after a somewhat productive "work" day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The BLOG is Back!

I have been keeping up with this blog in a while. However, after having a conversation with my sister in law and my brother, I think they made a good point about me using the blog more, as an avenue to voice whatever I want to voice, share whatever I want to share, and chronicle the events that happen. I had been emailing family and friends updates, but I realize that can get lost after a while, especially when I email updates every day, LOL. My only reservation about blogging is that I have no idea if I will have an audience or not. Plus I love the instant feedback I get from a few folks, when I email them. That said, I hope people will bookmark this blog, and follow up on it. I plan on putting many updates and thoughts, and use this as my forum to share, and do less emailing. For some, I suppose that is cause for celebration, Vadakan will not be sending a million emails anymore.

Any how, I hope you will visit here often, because I do enjoy sharing.



Dreamers-Ink WIP

Here is the first stage of inking for the "Dreamers" image. I'll most likely draw and ink a few more characters, then arrange them in Photoshop. Once the layout is to my satisfaction, I'll do some coloring in Photoshop and may add some text using Illustrator. I'll post images as I progress. It's fun to look back on the process and I enjoy sharing the process with whatever "audience" I may have.

Dreamers - Sketch

This is a sketch for a new personal project I'm going to do. I'm not sure what it will be all about, but I will probably add a few other characters into the mix. I started out doing this other personal project where I was doing EVERYTHING digitally. I drew a sketch in Photoshop, then "inked" it in Illustrator. While it was "educational" and helped work some needed technical skills, it was just too "cold" for me. So, I canned that (for now) and went back the old fashion way. This is pencil sketched and then later it will be inked with a Winsor Newton Series 7 brush and Sumi Ink. The process is way more fun to me and I prefer the organic look, all the mistakes in tack.