Monday, May 25, 2009


The process in which I've been tackling my current project on blues musicians is as follow. I will make a "rough" sketch to size. I'll take a piece of vellum and "trace" the rough sketch. I'll then place the vellum over the wood panel and then transfer the image on the board. From there I'll "ink" over the transfered image, paint, etc. The final stage is sealing the image with cheapo "Americana" Acrylic Sealer. I typically get the gloss finish one.

This image shows the stage where the vellum is laid on wood panel and I'll proceed to transfer the image. The image is of Hound Dog Taylor, which will be my next painting in the series, that will be shown at Dano's "White Lotus" show on June 12th at the Hurley HQ in Costa Mesa.

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