Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins

"Lightnin' Hopkins"
11" X 14"
Mixed media on wood

New painting for Dano's "White Lotus II" show.


Will said...

Love this painting!! Are you Dano?

urbancowfolks said...

Will, no I am not Dano but a good friend of his.

will Kimbrough said...

Can you direct me to his website, or how to get in touch. I would like to buy some art. Thanks. Love your blog

will Kimbrough said...

Do you know where one can find paintings like this one?

urbancowfolks said...

Hey Will, my name is Tom Vadakan and I'm the person who painted all the stuff on this blog. I did a series of paintings for a show Dano put on, thus your confusion that Dano painted them. If you email me at tom.vadakan@mac.com we can work something out where I can do a commissioned piece for you. Thanks for the interest.