Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inked Pages

Here is what a pages for Los Desperados Comics looks like before I scan them into the computer to be colored and dialog added. The process goes something like this: Dan will send me a script. Then we will meet up at my house, go over the script and I'll thumbnail the entire script with Dan there, so we can discuss and figure out how we want the "shots" to look like. I'll then redraw each page on 11X17 Bristol board. I draw directly on the board with non-photo blue pencils, then I'll ink directly on top of the pencil lines. Once that is done, I'll scan using B/W mode, that way none of the blue pencil lines show up!. Usually I'll have to do minor cleaning up of little specs and such, but not much, I don't mind them in there. I then convert the file to Grayscale (it was a bitmap file prior) and then delete out all the white, so it's just the line art. Convert to RGB mode, and do the tedious task of coloring (I don't really enjoy the coloring process... love the drawing & inking it). Then lasting I'll place the word bubbles and dialog, flatten the file, save a smaller copy as a jpeg, and post to

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